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We provide in the section of the website, suitable information about Ukraine and Ukrainian Girls, so the visitors can learn about Ukraine country and about Ukrainian Girls. 

A Bit from Ukraine

Ukraine is located in the south eastern region of Europe having its own area, own government with a President, own national insignia, flag and national hymn. It limits with many countries like Byelorussia, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Turkey by the Black Sea.

Some characteristics of the country, that you must know:

The territory is typically a plane, treeless plain, named "steppe".

  • It has the Crimean Peninsula with the Crimean Mountains and the Carpathians in the west region, but they are not high.
  • Ukraine has forests with pines, limes, fir-trees, oaks, beeches and elms that cover the mountains. The thickest tress can be found in the northern part of the country, in Volyn area.
  • The capital city is Kiev and lies in the middle of Ukraine surrounded at the south with a pine forest.
  • The most important river of Ukraine is the Dnieper area. This rive is one of the longest rivers of Europe. This river provides the major resource of hydroelectric power to Ukraine.

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