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Ukraine naturism
Brief History of Nudism-Naturism

Naturism – Therapy for some, turmoil for some
This world is composed of 201 countries. Each place has its own sets of rules and regulations, more precisely known as laws and legal obligations. Not all places in this world allow nudity but naturism is something which many countries practice but in a limited area. Ukraine is one of the country where  people are free to bare their clothes but in a specific area.

Actually Naturism is an activity in which people can remove clothes from those body parts even which are otherwise needed to be covered. This is not about the sexual behavior of the people but the feeling of abandoning all those which are unimportant. This practice is although socially not viable and unacceptable, hence a naturist finds it typically cumbersome to find a place where they can practice their lifestyle and live their life freely. Ukraine is the country where girls participate equally in naturism as guys. Places like Koktebel is the most famous nude beach of Ukraine. You can spot a hot chic topless bathing in the sun. Guys from foreign country specially comes here to see those beauties naked, in their original shapes. This is the only place where male libido turns into desperation after seeing Ukrainian beauties baring it all.

On a spiritual side, Naturism is a process of getting sun, rain and other natural elements to the inner parts of the body which always remain hidden because of societal pressure. On the other side, it is the best way to lure guys with curvaceous and curled shape body. If guys are going to just for laying around than be cautious as not all hot blondes are single and ready to mingle. They may genuinely be a naturist. The degree of hotness of the area can be measured from the videos posted on the Internet regarding this naturist therapy.

It is important to know about the place to which you are travelling. The remoteness of the place will tell that this place is actually for the nudist hence avoid going there if you hate to watch hot blondes taking bath in water, girls moving naked from one place to another without any disturbance. This place is always high on temperature and that is the reason people prefer to take sun bath here and hence relax here by removing it for all. Being notorious doesn’t work always. The best option is to mingle with them and enjoy being like them. It is sometimes fun to forget the societal hypocritical thinking and moving forward to the next generation for enjoying life to the fullest.

In 50 years the Federation the International of Naturism (INF), that included more than 30 national bunds settled down. This movement is developed in the Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland.

In Western Europe they are them France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands. In North America - USA and Canada. Slav, and the naturism the Ukraine, in particular, finds its roots in the pagan religion.

The day Ioanna Kupala, that still is celebrated, represented a fusion of a human being with the Nature, through rituals of purification to jump on the fire and the washing in the water. By all means, without clothes it is necessary. It does not matter that so strange that it seems, but according to a German guest, the naked men and women they took the sun in beaches from Kiev in the end of century 19. He writes: Something that there are been fighting in our house does not exist here.

Nudism boom in Russia took place in 20 years of century 20. But what used to be a challenge, a challenge to the fillisters. We know of the marches of naked people in Kharkov with its slogans to be: NonShame. He is natural to understand that it is not a characteristic of the modern naturism. During the time of Stalin, nudists and esperantists were persecuted by their outer relations (not for reasons of ideology), jailed and executed.

The unique nudist beach in the old USSR, that never interrupted its operation, was an enormous one and hard-to-to obtain-to the beach in Bay Fox, Crimea, next to Koktebel. The defrosting of years 60 gave new life nudism Soviet.

Once again it appeared wild and difficult to reach on the one hand authority beaches. It was only in the counties of the Baltic Sea, whose culture was nearest the western one that the beaches were open. Nevertheless, there was one near wire that serves an border line between the sections masculine and feminine.


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