How to know and act if a scam occurs:

How to detect and act against scam:
We know, that this could happen when you are searching for girls using internet or even in a night club, where you can find girls with bad intentions (searching for drugs, some free drinks or even only some money).
We told in our site, they are lot of agencies promoting that they have not scam concerns, and you know that some of them are lying to their customers. Why? Because No Agency is free of Scam.
Let's think together. How many times you arrange a blind dating and what happened to you? She sent the best pictures of her previously but when you see her you get terrified or no? Scam happens most of the times, we must be cautious always.
But donít panic because most of the cases strange situations occur but they are not always scam, sometimes you can be in contact with a shy girl that is the first time that is dating someone using Internet. Try to be positive, perhaps you want to go faster because you are older and she is young and want to go slow, that is something that could happen.
But, sadly we can say that sometimes we have scam situations.
What you can do, if you are not sure:
 First of all never and never we say again send money (yet if you believe in her). If you have doubts contact us immediately. One operator will try to help you for free always.
Dating is our business so ware are more worried about this that you, because we are a serious company that works with a serious company that is fighting scam since the first year. Our company it's base in trust so scam it the most horrible thing that can occur to us.
We can tell you that most of the scam reports (90 %) are not authentic. Some men report as scam if a girl stop the communication and that is not scam, perhaps she found another man, you are not the only man in the world and remember she is single and searching. This can happen to you, you contact 3 or 4 girls and you want to go ahead with one girl, the other 2 or 3 girls can think that you are scammerÖ and we know that this is not true.
If you have any doubt you can contact us. If you still have doubts you can hire a third company to make the verifications. Or also use the search engines or hire detectives or also send flowers and as a picture with them.
We are here to help.
We are happy if we can help people to find real love using our services.
There are some practice that you must follow if you want online dating, because they will save money and time.
You must read them carefully to be aware of them
When you register in our dating website, you became member of huge database of single men accessed from agencies in Russia and other CIS countries. Most of these agencies have huge databases single Girls searching for their soul mate. Those dating agencies charge us for every contact so we must charge you.
If you receive many emails, you are not forced to answer all of them you can answer only the emails you want. We recommend you to search and browse the galleries to find the girl you want.
Stay safe.
keep in mind to guess a scam earlier than it happens.
Donít send money. You're dating not making donations.
We have a support that can help you always.