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Yuliya from Ukraine

About Her

Yuliya is a single girl, she is sexy, she is young and she leaves in Polltava, Ukraine. 

For those who like red hair girls, Yuliya is one of the most beautiful and she has gorgeous green eyes with slight figure and her height is 5' 8" (173 centimeters). 

She drinks occasionally with her friends at parties, but she does not smoke.

About her education, she has a college degree and she work as a policewoman, so beware of her, you may end up in prison : -)

Look her pictures (public pictures and private pictures), you can confirm that she is a very sensual girl with an awesome body. We get the impression that Yuliya is a fresh, outgoing, curious and fun person to be with. 

But do not get her wrong, she is not a party girl, she is actually looking for her ideal man someone in whom she can trust completely and build a relationship based on honesty. You must be very careful if you desire to contact her and start slowly the relation with her so that she can feel comfortable.

She has no children, and never been married and if you know English you will not need translator services, because she speaks English fluent.

What is not like to like of her? Ok, you want to know a bit more about her? 

Well, she describes herself as sociable, easy-to-talk, outgoing and funny girl. She loves seeing smiles on people´s faces as she likes her friends to be happy. She is not afraid to open a new chapter in her life, she is in Anastasia dating agency open to new long term relationships and to fall in love with her type of man. Besides, this girl is an excellent listener and good at keeping a conversation flowing.

Want to know more?  Ok, lets talk about what She likes to do…

As we can see in her photographs she has a great body and is because she loves dancing! Is her main interest, she enjoys feeling the music and moving to the rhythm as it gives her energy and inspiration. She listens to all kinds of music, from techno to classic. 

She is a curious person who loves traveling so much, no matter if is with her friends or by herself because her real goal is to learn new cultures and countries.

If you like basketball she is your girl! Yuliya likes to watch basketball matches while she is at home. We are sure she could be a great partner!

Reading carefully Yuliya online profile, she is a serious her… we know that she wants to contact a serious, strong and reliable man that wants to build a family (her most important dream is being mother of children).

If you read, she is not searching something estrange, she looks the same than other girls: supported by love, respect, reciprocal understanding and be her best friend. If you are a man that has children it is a bonus because she really wants to build a family and the age range is not a problem: from 22 to 55.

She loves chocolates and red roses … nothing difficult or estrange, and if you date her in Poltava, she likes going to the cinema and to the theater. 


What to talk with her?

If you like to travel, you can talk with her about which are the cities that she knew or want to know. We know that she wants a partner with whom she can travel, so try to convince her that you are that man!
Besides, you can ask her about her favorite basketball player, remember she loves to watch basketball games so you won´t have any problem!
Another interesting and talkative point could be about her profession, we are sure she has plenty of anecdotes to tell!


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