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Alexandra from Moldova

About Her

We know that most girls, particularly some girls are hard to please. They ask you to drink fewer or nothing, watch less sport in TV, and wear clothes that match.

But not all girls are the same, for example Alexandra with 20 years old (from Capricorn). She is from Chisinau city and was never married. 

Why? Because Alexandra describes her character as fresh and relaxed with very good sense of humor. She does not like intense parties or night clubs (to dance).

Her weight is 119 lbs (54 kilograms) and her height is 5' 6" (172 centimeters), with handsome blue eyes and blonde hair color. She is has a University degree and. Her English level is Intermediate.

Making a brief review of her zodiacal sign, Alexandra has strength features like being tolerant, loyal, flexible and imaginative girl but also she have some weakness like indecisive. Her name means protector of man and comes from Greek.

What she likes to do?  Alexandra is a girl that likes simple things like going to the Cinema with her friends of family (she likes love stories), but she also has some more complex interests like cars (she like the more powerful and unusual) and travelling outside Ukraine an also domestic travels in Ukraine.

About music she likes to listen pop music and love stories are her favorite movies.

As a young girl she wants to be always sensual and sexy, so she takes care about her makeup and also about fashion style. Alexandra cannot imagine her life without fashion.

Watching her profile and pictures we can confirm that she is a girl that likes to take care about her body and seems to be a very healthy girl because she doesn’t like to smoke or drink.

What she is looking for in a dating agency?

Alexandra joined the dating website to meet a man who must know how to deal with a girl that is looking for a long term relationship. Also this man must have good sense of humor, sociable and active. 

Last but not least, also the man of her dreams must be strong and respects her thoughts and opinions but giving her, his own thoughts and opinions.

If you live in New York (she dreams to visit this city) and you are between 33 and 55 years old, don’t waste more time contact her now!


What to talk with her?

If you read carefully her profile you know that Alexandra likes to watch movies at that the cinema. If you also like to watch movies, you can ask her which was the last movie that she watched and which classic movie she likes.

She likes cars especially exotic and powerful cars. If you like these types of cars you can share with Alexandra your experience and pictures (if you really have one and you are not lying that you are fan of these type of cars, so be careful).   

She is attorney, so if you know about law you can search about this and have an interesting topic to talk with her. 


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