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Alina from Nikolaev ID: 1677180


About Alina

Alina is a sole girl also from Ukraine who was born on July of 1991(so she is from Leo) that was never married and does not like to smoke.

Her weight is 127 lbs (58 kilograms) and her height is 5' 7" (169 centimeters), with cute green eyes and blond hair color. She is has a University studies (not finished) and works as Philologist in Nikolaev. 

You will not need translator services if you know English, because her English level is fluent.

She says that she is a very creative and positive girl, which likes to combine humor and beauty. But these are not all the rewards or advantages what she says that she has!

Reading her public online profile, we can see a simple Ukraine girl searching for a simple man. But you can also conclude the same watching her photographs, she dress beautiful but sober. 

She considers herself as very sociable, interesting and perhaps a bit egocentric when she says: I can interest anyone. It is a girl with positive energy that never gives up reaching her dreams or purposes.

She likes go spend time with her friends, and also she likes to make happy the people that she loves (family and friends).

Since she was a young girl she studied drawing. Nowadays she likes to take photographs to the nature and also she likes to be photographed (we can see that looking her nice picture). As she likes photographs and also drawings she spends some time watching beauty and pass on images. Is positive to know for men like you, that she likes to learn foreign languages, and also learn about foreign cultures and customs of different countries. She loves to learn new things all time...

Also we can see that she is really a happy girl that transmits positive energy.  Could be coincidence but energetic and optimistic are qualities of her zodiacal sign, so you have a good chance of having a positive girl with you if you can conquer her heart. Also other characteristic of this sign that meets her profiles is about friends. Leo people makes friends easily and Alina says that she have lots of friends so you can try to start a relationship with her as a friend.

Again as we said in other profiles review, it is the most important question; what she is looking for? Alina is searching for normal man, because she wrote in her public profile that she is looking for man for her heart and for her soul, so she is not searching for a special man with special characteristics, perhaps if you contact her you can match easily her heart and soul requirements.


What to talk with her?

As Odessa, the city of Nikolaev is an important sea port of Ukraine in the Black Sea, but with the characteristic of being the most important ship building hub of the Eastern Europe. So Alina could have relation with this important industry of Nikolaev (perhaps someone of her family works in this industry). Also other important activities are related with heavy industry like engineering and metallurgy.

Another talking point with her is about where she study Philologist. The options that we found for you are these ones; education centers, Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University or the Mykolaiv Pedagogical Institute.


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