Aliona from Moldova ID: 1660433

Aliona from Moldova ID: 1660433

About Her

What do you get if you date and marriage Aliona? You get an authentic and beautiful girl with green eyes of Russia with 30 years old (from Aries) and never married.

She was born in the year 1982 in Moldova (Eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine).

Her body measures are 105 lbs (48 kilograms) and 5' 4" (162 centimeters). 

She has a university degree and she works as Hairdresser Stylist in Kishinev with a beginner English level.

Aliona describes her character as soft, tolerant and kind so if you are searching for an independent and strong, she is the wrong girl for you.  She uses to trust in people so is easy to offend her. Finally she says about her character:  active but also calm, sensitive, simple, understanding and friendly. 

She is a very sexy mature woman that seems to have experience but she is very sensible and likes very much nature. You must be very careful if you want to contact her. You must start slowly the relation with her and earn her trust.

Aliona likes very much outdoor activities like camping to be near nature. She is that type of person that needs some time in silence, so she can’t stay all the time in a very big city with few public parks, she needs to  listen to nature sometimes.

She also likes other activities like indoor activities; she likes reading books, listening music (she likes lyrical, romantic, pop and jazz), watching movies (romantic comedies), learning languages and having fun with friends. 

Also likes to spend her free time with friends having picnics and Barbeques. Talking about food, she likes to cook grilled fish and her favorite food is steak.

Reading carefully Aliona online profile, we know that she wants to contact a serious, strong and kind man that wants to build a family (her most important dream is being mother of children), supported by love, respect and reciprocal understanding.

Seems that she likes mature men, because she describes in her online profile that she looks men between 35 and 60 years old, so if you are a mature man you can have some chances with her.

As most of the girls in Anastasia dating agency, Aliona is searching for a serious relationship with a single man. 


What to talk with her?

With Aliona you have lots of subjects to talk with her. She likes to listen music, especially romantic, jazz and pop music. Ask her which singers she likes?  Aliona likes to watch movies, she prefer romantic comedies.

What about outdoor activities? She likes to swim and also she makes aerobics (you may undertan why she have a sexy and slim body in her pictures). Talking about her job it will be a bit difficult, except you are a hair stylist : )


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