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Alla from Kiev

About Alla

Do you like black hair girls? We proudly present Alla, one of the sexiest girls from Ukraine with beautiful blue eyes.

Alla was born on 14 August 1997, so she is from Leo.  

She is slim (her weight is 108 lbs/49 kilograms) and average height is (5 5"/160 centimeters). 

This girl is perfect! She has never got married and has no children. 

This characteristic that we should highlight, because she didn’t have any bad experience in her life, that is something that anyone should take as positive especially is you are searching for your true love too. 

She has a University degree and works as nurse in Kharkov, what about having your own and private nurse in your house?

She drinks only in especial occasions as she likes to party with her friends, nevertheless she is not a smoker. 

She likes to work out and have a healthy life. She is a passionate person, full of love, looking for someone who would share everything with her.

She describes herself as very active and adventurous as any young lady!

Alla loves dresses, she believes that they are more comfortable than anything. Her style of dressing is very classy, she never leaves her house without wearing high heels!  So this person will have to woo her and court her like a lady every time!

The Leo woman is perfect for the man who likes a challenge. It will take time to get closer to her, but in the end she will be someone really open and funny to be with. 

Although her main interest is sports, she really enjoys cooking. She likes to cook dishes of foreign countries but she expresses that it would be more fun and enjoyable to cook with someone else. Dreams visiting Paris, perhaps you can invite her to visit this city and then cook French food… 

She loves being accompanied as she is not a solitary person, she is really an open mind person so it won´t be difficult to establish a conversation with her.

As for her main interest, she likes to play tennis with her friends and sometimes to go in for fencing and have a relaxing time meanwhile. She also goes to the gym three times a week.

She is keen on medicine and dream about becoming a doctor one day!

She is looking for someone romantic and passionate… are you?

She expresses in her online profile that it would be preferable someone between 25 and 50 years old. If you are younger or older don’t read anymore… 

Someone in who she can trust everything no matter what, and built a relationship based in honesty and respect. This person must be sincere, passionate as her and a good listener so they can get along really well. Needless to say, he must have not only a careful heart but a kind soul. 


What to talk with her?

You can talk with her about the TV programs that she likes, comedies. Make her laugh with your comments, make her feel that you are really interested in her!. Besides, her favorite music is classic so if you know something about classic music you should ask her about her favorite musician!

Another talking point is about where she is actually working as a Manager in Kiev. Kiev is in Ukraine's the capital city, and as in the whole country sports are taken seriously. The most popular sport is football. Remember that she is really interested in sports!


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