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Anastasia from Kharkov, Ukraine ID: 1558547

Anastasia from Kharkov, Ukraine ID: 1558547

A bit about Anastasia

Anastasia is a beautiful girl, perhaps BEAUTIFUL in Caps Lock, that is looking for love, but she really looks like a model!

She is a single Kharkov girl (from Ukraine) with 26 years old (from Virgo born in the year 1986). She is slim and her height is 5' 5" (165 centimeters), with beautiful green eyes as you can see in the picture of the left (if you see her eyes and not her figure). 

She has University studies and works as PR- Manager. She does not like to smoke and she drinks occasionally. 

Perhaps you can avoid translator services, because she evaluates her English skill as intermediate.

So for the start, Anastasia is a very positive, with great mood girl. She likes to make her friends smile and loves to laugh as well.  She is really easy-to-talk and easy going so she has many friends. Besides she is open to new things, new experiences and new boundaries. She loves her family and is thankful for help to learning all about good and bad decisions because she believes that good things happen to good people.

She adds that she is a nice and cute lady.

This girl loves to have a healthy-life style. She starts by running in the park all mornings and then she goes to the gym. She loves art in its many manifestations such as theatre, music, paint, ballet and movies. While she likes to be alone, listening to music she loves all kinds of winter sports, rafting, swimming and play tennis.

What is more, her main dream is to travel all around the world with someone who loves her and care about her as well. She trust in soul mate and that she will find him very soon. She believes that visiting different countries is really exciting and innovative as she wants to appreciate all those things by her own eyes. It seems that this girl loves to have an active life!

You have plenty of items to talk with Anastasia. Her favorite music is pop, classic, techno and guitar. Remember she actually appreciates all types of art like theatre and ballet, so a perfect date could be there! She will absolutely love it and you make some extra points!

Besides she wants to travel around the world, ask her about her plans which countries does she want to visit, where she would like to stay during the journey! Anything!

She also loves comedies, historical and detectives movies, take her to the cinema!

As all the brides that search for online dating, that likes to meet an educated, strong, reliable, generous, gentle, loving and authentic man to make a family. 

She prefers a man between 30 and 50 years old. 

Pay attention what she wants… She really desires to create comfort in her house, to educate and love children and of course, share with all the joys and difficulties. Anastasia has very clear that there are no ideals at all and she recognizes that everyone has good and bad sides but she is only looking for a man  that is no afraid of  duty and capable of building a relationship based on honesty and love. So she can enjoy every single day of life and make happy a man! 


What to talk with her?

As Odessa, the city of Nikolaev is an important sea port of Ukraine in the Black Sea, but with the characteristic of being the most important ship building hub of the Eastern Europe. So Anastasia could have relation with this important industry of Nikolaev (perhaps someone of her family works in this industry). Also other important activities are related with heavy industry like engineering and metallurgy. Another talking point with her is about where she study Philologist. The options that we found for you are these ones; education centers, Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University or the Mykolaiv Pedagogical Institute.


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