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Anastasia from Odessa ID: 1673987


Anastasia from Odessa ID: 1673987

About Anastasia

If you think that blonde girls are not smart, Anastasia show that blonde girls and those from Ukraine are very beautiful and very clever, because she has a University degree (in Medicine) and she works as Nurse.

She is a lone girl who was born in 1993 (from Aries) and never married.

Her weight is 123 lbs (56 kilograms) and her height is 5' 7" (170 centimeters), with beautiful green eyes. 

If you know English or speak Spanish you can avoid a translator services, because she evaluates her English level as intermediate and she also speaks Spanish.

She is a very honest and open girl so if you want to chat or send messages to her, she will try to answer everything that you want to know about her. She wants to be like this, because she thinks that trust is the basic foundation of a relationship. She briefly describes herself as amorous, determinate and sensual. 

As all young girls she likes to spend time with her friends making outdoor (some sports, walking, and more) and indoor activities like reading, watching TV, cinema movies (likes Bruce Almighty) and more. 

To know which activities she likes to do, you must contact her and discover them. Sure you will share with her some of them.

She wants to date a gentle and honest man (age does not matter), that must be dedicating to the family. She is an honest girl that doesn’t want to play or waist the time of other. She wants to start a relationship as friends to know each other.

It is important to know that she is not looking for pen pals or for long online relationships. So you must tell her in your mails about how are you and your character.  Again, she likes to be honest so in your communications with her, she will tell you her feelings and what she wants.

We see a lady that knows what she wants and what kind of man she wants to meet. You must know and understand that she is looking for a serious relationship with a serious man. 

If you want to start a relationship with her, you must go step by step, remember that she does not want a long distance relationship using internet for a long time, so the finals steps of these contacts must be a travel to her country and meet her face to face.  She is an honest girl so perhaps she can tell you things that you will not like, so don’t fool yourself. 


What to talk with her?

As we said in other review of girls from Odessa, this city has the cutest girls of Ukraine. What we can tell about Anastasia, to help you? The most important: be honest with her, and try to be original with your communications with her and make her intelligent questions, she will try to answer all of them (she says that in her online profile). If you like to build a family, share with her your thoughts, because this is very important for her.

If you live in Latin-American or Spain, you can communicate with her in Spanish that is an advantage for you. 


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