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Anastasia 42962

About Her

Anastasia is a sexy and single Girl from Ukraine.

She was born on 12 May 1998 in Zaporozhye city from Ukraine.  Ukraine. Her weight is 112 lbs (51 kilograms) and her height is 5" 7ยด (170 centimeters), she has amazing hazel eyes and long brown hair.

Believe it or not, she is another Ukraine girl that never drinks nor smokes. She has a university degree and works as an accountant.

What about her character? She describes herself as a loving, kind, susceptible and sincere person. She also is serious and family oriented girl who wants to find someone who will share everything with her as she believes that the best treasure in life are human relations. Besides, she thinks that a relationship based on honesty can’t be replaced with other values. She needs to be treated by people as she treats them.

Besides she is a funny person to be with because she likes to do all sort of things with her friends and visit new places while she meditates. 

Her strong as a woman is that she is a lovely, sensible and sincere which means that she is into long term relationships so if you do not want any kind of commitment, do not even think about Anastasia.

Searching about her zodiacal sign, we most highlight that Leo woman are confident, ambitious, generous, loyal and encouraging but her weakness are stubborn, pretentious, melodramatic and vain.

What is more, Anastasia feels that life, itself, is the Biggest Wonder ever!

What Anastasia likes to do in her free time?  loves outdoor activities. Anastasia is a nature lover, she loves being communicated with it. 

She really appreciates nature and landscapes, loves to look at the dark sky and observe those sparkling stars as it makes her think over life, think about those things she would not think commonly and it is her way to distract a little bit.

Besides, she enjoys dancing and arranging picnics with her friends.

What this brown hair lady is looking for? As all the brides that search for online dating, that likes to meet a generous, lovely, loyal, reliable man.

Anastasia is looking for someone calm but at the same time someone who has his emotions really clear as a way to make sure that he understands what is love about.  This man should be a good listener, clever, trustful and have a big heart and tender touch.

Besides, he has to be really loyal and show to his woman how much he loves her. In her turn, she would be always there with a big smile, joy and softness.


What to talk with her?

A talkative point with Anastasia could be about her career, remember she is an accountant so she could be interest in international economy. 
Besides she enjoys being outside, taking some fresh air and getting inspired by every single thing. You should ask her about what she thinks in those moments and share your ideas.
Another topic you can talk with her is about music because she loves to dance, you can ask her about her favorite musicians or songs.


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