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Anna from Kiev

About Her

Watch the picture really sexy and sensual pose, you agree with us?

Well we are proud to present, Svetlana who was born on 22 April 1979.  She is a single girl, single girl from Taurus.  Her weight is 95 lbs (43 kilograms) and her height is 5' 6" (167 centimeters). 

You see in the picture that she has straight and long blonde hair but you see her eyes? She has beautiful blue eyes. 

She has a University degree and works as a officer in Kiev. She drinks only in special occasions but she does not smoke. 

We think that you will not need translator services if you know English, because her English level is good.

She describes herself as a life loving person, positive and full of energy, you will never see her in deep sorrow. She loves life and she wants to enjoy it to its fullest. She knows how to make her life brighter as she believes that life is given only once and there is no chance to waste it. She appreciates every single minute, every moment of life, her family and needless to say, her son who means the world to her.

She eventually wants to make someone else happy by giving and sharing everything as well. She says that we are meant to live in couples and there is no reason at all to be alone.

Besides, she is sociable, talkative, down-to-earth, funny, emotional, active, open-minded and super active. She has the virtue of making new friends easily. She is also open to learning new languages!

Anna is an interesting woman to be with. She is astonishingly positive, she rarely gets any bad mood in life and never keeps her anger inside.  It seems that passing through a porce made her stronger, so do not disappoint her! She is an extremely funny person, always smiling and it would be a pity if she looses these characteristics because we should all be like her.

She loves to do all sort of things, she never gets bored. She thinks that once you stop being curious about life you lose motivation to life.

When it comes to her likes, she loves cooking, reading and playing sports. She likes yoga and fitness as she is trying to have a healthy lifestyle.  

She enjoys travelling around the world but the only thing she is missing is someone with whom she can share this passion. Besides, she has two degrees and loves her job. She describes herself as a great woman and excellent mother, proud of her children and his achievements.

Besides, she is a very active girl that wants to live her life with action each minute and you must think the same if you want to date her. As a very active girl, she likes to do lots of things so we can think that you can share with her some interest, like music, watching movies or something else.

Are you her man type?  Make an effort and read this paragraph: She is looking for someone attentive, loving, open-hearted and capable of showing his affection. She is not expecting superficial things, but she is difficult and knows what she wants though she thinks it is not easy to describe a man of her dreams.

She illustrates herself as a strong, difficult woman but she desires to meet a man who let her be weak, someone to rely on and who never betray her. She does not want any games, any cheating. She trusts in love and knows that there is somewhere a man that fulfills her dreamed characteristics. Anna wants to be loved and spoiled but in a good way, someone to conquer her heart and mind.

If your age range is from 30 to 55 and you have a kind heart, full of love and sympathy, make the effort to contact her.


What to talk with her?

She likes any type of music as long as it sounds good. She is keen on disco music, soft rock only when she is thinking about life things, pop when she need to relax for a while and classical when she wants to know more about masterpieces. So you can ask her about her favorite musicians of each type!

Another talkative point with Anna could be about her favorite movies. She loves watching movies with her son or by her own, but she would obviously like to share this moment with her beloved man! She wrote in her online profile that she in really into comedies, romantics and psychological movies.  Besides, she made an excellent point about what she thinks… she said that movies are supposed to be watched with pleasure and not tears so why do we watch drama films?


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