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Darina from Kiev

About Her

I know, I understand, you cannot believe that Darina is searching for love in a Dating Agency, but is true and you are lucky, because you found her…

She is very young from Aquarius and never married of Kiev in Ukraine. Her weight is 95 lbs (43 kilograms) and her height is 5ยด 5" (165 centimeters). 

With these great pictures you seen that she has beautiful blue eyes?

This Ukrainian angel girl does never drink nor smoke. 

Perhaps you will need translator services, because she evaluates her English skills as beginner.

Reading her online profile, we see a very sensitive girl who searches for a man that would protect her. Judging by her photo shoot, we should point out that she is a really classy girl. She likes to wear dresses, high heels and lots of make up, so try to woo her and make her feel like a woman!

More about her? She illustrates herself as a kind, loving, dreamy, and clever; an absolutely outgoing lady. Darina is a talkative and easy-to-talk person as she really likes meeting new people and that gives her more chances of making friends. Besides having a strong personality, she has great sense of humor although she knows when to act serious!

This girl has a lot of interests, from sports to law system!  Because she enjoys trying new things, it seems to Darina extremely exciting.  The best break for her is to walk along the beach, to feel the noise as well as the smell of the sea. She really likes being accompanied while doing that, to share thoughts with her lifetime partner, and to live every single minute of life.

It seems to us that Darina enjoys being in her house maybe is a way to release stress or just to make she comfortable. She has a well-decorated house, so try to surprise her with something that she could like! It is a technique that will show her that you are interested, beyond any doubt.

Another interesting about Darina is that she is really into dancing, is her way to relax, to express herself and to have an amazing time. When it comes to sports, she prefers shaping!

She loves dancing, it´s her way to express herself and to spend free time.

We also need to bring to light about her interest in jurisprudence! She likes to explore law system and to discover unusual things.

Darina is willing to meet her true love. This man should have a great sense of humor so that they can laugh together, want to build a long term relationship based on sincerity and faithfulness. She truly believes in love, so do not let down her! 

This man between 28 and 49 should like to live life to its fullest and to enjoy every second of it.  So if you are looking for a short term relationship, this girl is not for you! 


What to talk with her?

You have many topics to talk with Darina, she is an open-minded person so we think that she would like to exchange ideas about law system. Besides, we have noticed about her interest in sports so you can ask her about shaping, her favorite one.

Another talkative point could be about her favorite music (we know that she likes jazz) or even about her favorite movie “Dot the I”. So if you are really into this girl, search more information about these points!


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