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Diana from Ukraine

About Diana

Many things to say about this single girl, with black hair and beautiful blue eyes…

Juliya is a single girl born on 17 May, 1996 (from Taurus) in Kherson, Ukraine city. Her weight is 112lbs (51 kilograms) and her height is 5 8" (164 centimeters).

If you want to date her, you must know that she drinks occasionally with her friends at parties, but she don’t smoke.

About her education, she has a university degree and she work as Technician Specialist.  

She likes languages; she speaks English basic.

This girl is really takes pleasure in studying different languages as they are truly important in her career. So you should try to surprise her with your knowledge about countries and general culture.

What we see in her profile to help you? She is very interesting if you like to spend time with someone clever and intelligent.  If you really want to try with her you should start by asking about her favorites analyzing magazines and share your ideas with each other.

People with this name are very temperate and nurturing. They are very reliable and often take care of others. They want to try and generate a harmony in their environment. So if you are into this girl, you should be unruffled and warm! 

But what she says about her? She loves being the center of the attention everywhere; she has a strong personality and goes for everything in life. She recognizes that it might be a little selfish but in fact she is an honest person. She is a beautiful, interesting lady that says always the truth no matter what. She speaks her mind, even if none wants to hear what she has to say! 

The most important thing that she says: She is capable of make any man happy!

She enjoys reading all type of magazines, but her favorites are the analytical ones. She is also keen on politics and international relations as she works in these areas. She likes some outdoor activities such as picnics, walks and hanging out with her friends.

Another thing we should highlight is that she is fond of skiing! So if you are someone who enjoys this kind of sport, she could be an amazing partner!

Dianais looking for someone clever and interested in her same areas, so please read again the last paragraph to know if you have the same interests like her.

Want to know more? To like her, you should be loving and caring but at the same time strong. 

She is searching for someone who has a goal in life, someone who has really cleared what to expect in future. Moreover, she is waiting for a man with self-esteem, down-to-earth, educated and reliable. If you feel that you are the one, try to convince her! 


What to talk with her?

She lives in Kherson which is one of the major industrial centers of Ukraine. Heavy industry predominates, especially metallurgy and shipping industry. Maybe she is interested in these things as she is such a curious person!

Diana´s favorite music is French pop music so if you know something about this type of music you should ask her about which other groups does she likes or about her favorite musician!. She also likes biathlon; this sport refers specifically to the winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. If you know biathlon you can search about this and have an interesting topic to talk with her!


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