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Elena from Kirovohrad ID: 1126469

Elena from Kirovohrad ID: 1126469

About Elena

Elena is an incredible Ukrainian girl, but you must know the first thing we observed on her profile? She never drinks nor smokes, perhaps because her job: she works as a teacher.

She is a single girl born on 5 August, 1985 (from Leo) in Kirovohrad city. Her measures are weight is 121 lbs (55 kilograms), height is 5' 5" (165 centimeters) and if you don’t see her eyes, we tell you that are blue.  

Her English speaking skill is intermediate, so if you know English you can avoid translator services.

Want to know a bit about Elena? Reading her profile, she describes herself as a romantic, lovely, honest, open and witty person. She could be nice, delightful and funny but at the same time serious when it comes to a long term relationship.

Elena is glad about open and warm relations. She says that if you both feel that are meant for each other and your hearts beet together you both will come true all your dreams.

She really likes to go out, so if you are lazy, calm or quiet don’t even think about her. She is sociable, easy-to-talk and humorous; actually she gives the impression of being fun, cool and supporting with an adventurous streak.

Her character description is to short, so we investigate Leo ladies, who like control, but not entirely. They need a man to guide her and give the sense of approval. It seems that her perfect man should be affectionate and with strong personality but not controlling.

What she likes to do? Elena loves socializing and that is good for your dating interests. She likes to go out with her friends no matter the time is, day or night.  She loves traveling and for the contrary she loves quiet nights where she is all by herself and watching a good film (like Gone with wind), snuggled up on the sofa. She likes fashion and love to look really chic when it comes to dressing.

If you like basketball, Elena could be your perfect partner, because she likes to watch and play basket! 

Besides, she really enjoys bright events so she tries to be in the spotlight and go out very often! She is a party girl!

You are a man between 25 and 53 years old? We ask you this, because Elena is looking for a man of this age range, trustworthy, kind, attentive and with great sense of humor man. What more? she hopes to find someone able not only to take her love but also to present she has. 

In brief words, she is not looking for an unreal man, she is just looking for a man to share things and maybe build a relationship with him or with you if you meet these requirements…

She is not asking for too much, maybe you fulfill all!


What to talk with her?

Elena loves to chat so it won’t be difficult to establish a conversation with her. You can talk about her work as a teacher because she didn’t tell too much about it. She can be also fond of talking about all the parties that she went, maybe she met some famous people! It can be witty and interesting and it is a good way of meeting her more deeply.

Another talkative point could be about her favorites movies, as she expressed she likes to watch movies while she lay down on the couch! Her favorite one is “Gone with wind” so try to search more information about this movie and surprise her. Besides she really likes to listen to music of all kinds from pop to rock!


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