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Elena from Odessa ID: 1106925

Elena from Odessa ID: 1106925

About Elena

Elena is a single girl with 26 years old, born on 3 May, 1985 (from Taurus) in Odessa, Ukraine and beautiful green eyes.

About her education, she has a college degree and she work as an administrator, has no children, and never been married.  Her weight is 123 lbs (56 kilograms) and her height is 5' 6" (168 centimeters). 

She likes to drinks only in special occasions but she does not smoke.

Watching her profile and pictures we can confirm that she likes to take care about her body and seems to be a very healthy girl because she doesn’t like to smoke or drink. 

Besides her pictures depicts that she likes outdoor activities like going to the beach to tan herself or maybe just because she likes to feel the noise and smell of the sea.

A friend describes her as a glaring, classy, energetic, full of life and strong-willed person.  She adds being clever, filly and sincere.  Her inner world is lucid and deep, capable of making everybody around feel comfortable and entertaining.

Otherwise she says that being that much honest sometimes damage her image but she is sure of never changing that as it is the way she is, and none can discuss that. She is a grown up, mature woman who is ready for a serious relationship, being a good mother and excellent wife.

She likes to go outside of city with her friends to cook fish and to play guitar. Besides, Elena is an incredibly sociable person who enjoys sharing all her time with friends because she feels that they are really important in life.

She is also fond of karaoke, playing backgammon and sometimes watching comedy movies while struggling up in the sofa and drinking cappuccino! 

It seems that Elena really wants to settle up. She is waiting for her real man someone who makes her feel happy. She is an outgoing, communicative and extremely down-to-earth person, which is awesome because this shows us that she is not living in a bubble and knows how the world works.

Elena knows that there is no “ideal man” as we do not live in ideal world. She will accept him as he is with his strengths and weaknesses, a real man. Despite this, Elena is looking for someone clever, strong, funny, with good sense of humor and attentive.

This man (or you if you want to marriage her) should look after his family if there is a bad situation, someone ready for build a long term relationship with the same values as she.

In few words, she is expecting for someone honest, loyal and reliable, someone who do not disappoint her or lie. This lucky man should be between his 26´s and 50´s years old.


What to talk with her?

As we know, Elena is a sociable person. So it won’t be hard to establish a conversation with her. Besides, you have plenty of options to talk! You can ask her about her career, about her favorite songs, what she likes to cook or even about her favorite movies!

What is more, Elena said that her favorite sports were tennis, football and basketball! So if you are fond of any of these sports you should exchange ideas with her and have a good conversation!


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