Elena from Odessa - 45528

Elena from Odessa 45528

About Her

We love our job and like it more when we write a review about cute girls from Russia or Ukraine, because these girls are extraordinary.

For instance, Elena is single and never married Odessa girl born on 1992 (from Taurus) that drinks sometimes.

Her weight is 112 lbs (51 kilograms) and her height is 5' 5" (165 centimeters), with pretty green eyes and blown hair color. She has a University degree and actually she does not work. She evaluates her English skill as beginner.

She describes herself as a relaxed and energetic girl. Her way of life is relatively active, so she does not like to spend time indoors, but she does not have problem to stay indoors to read book or watching TV or a movie. About movies she likes watching drama movies… so if you are interested in her, search drama movies to talk about…

She thinks that she is sociable and open for new experiences, being gentle, loving and passionate young bride, who wants to be the best wife for the best man.

Reading her profile carefully we understand that she is a girl full of energy, that loves outdoor activities, so you must prepare for that if you want to build a true long term relationship with her.

Looking her pictures (the one in this page and the other ones in her profile) you can confirm that she is a girl full of energy and sexy that likes to use clothes full of colors.

She likes indoor and outdoor activities. Indoor activities like watching movies and reading, and outdoor she likes cinema, swimming, dancing or running a bicycle and her most important dream is traveling (she really loves to travel). She also likes to read interesting books, listening music at home and also she likes to dance.

She is searching for man that can support her. She thinks that people must be able to support and help other people without cheats, something difficult to find at this moment.  Why she thinks this? Because she offers the same, she offers honesty and also support for other people, especially for her man and family that she wants to build with him. 

She says that she will be a good mother for her children’s and a good wife for her husband. 

She ended her University studies but she is not working, so it is an opportunity for you, to start a free relationship with her, because she will have fewer problems if she wants to migrate to your country and start a new life with you.


What to talk with her?

To talk with Elena, you must use your imagination, to transmit the idea that having a relationship with you, she can experience new things.  She likes to read books, so you can talk with her about this topic and share reviews of some books that you read. Also she likes to listen music, another interesting thing to share. If you plan to visit her, you must learn to dance, she likes to dance so if you go ahead with her take some classes (ask her which kind of music she likes to dance) so you can prepare your dance with a coach. 


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