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Emilia Minsk, Belarus

About Her

In a world with economics problems, what about marriage an economist?

Olga with blue eyes was born on 17 February, 1999, never married girl from Aquarius works as an economist in Minsk, Belarus.

Her weight is 121 lbs (55 kilograms) and her height is 5ยด 7" (170 centimeters). She never drinks nor smokes. She says that her English ability as beginner.

She is a girl with moral values, for her, family is always first no matter what. 

If you read her profile, will see that she describes herself as communicative, sexy, and joyful, with great sense of humor ad sport oriented girl. She also likes spending time with her friends and family.

Another characteristic is that she always tries to find compromises with people, she can´t bear problems or discussions. She is sincere, reliable and kind girl who is only willing to meet her true love, her real man.

This young lady is a real fighter; she is still looking for her true love. Olga is a romantic, intelligent girl who thinks that family is on the first place.

That is a really good point because nowadays single ladies are just looking for someone to pass the time, and if you don’t want that Olga is the right one!

Another point we should mention is that she is a down-to-earth person, independent woman, funny, smart, not at all demanding and not expressive. She is discovering what life is about and needs for someone to share this.

She is from Aquarius, and women of Aquarius are impulsive and want stimulation. Anything goes with this type of woman; any man that she desires will have an incredible relationship! So start by contacting her!

Olga likes reading all type of books while stays in her house. She also loves all kinds of art, rest near the ocean so that she can hear the sound of the waves and relax sometime. She is keen on theater because she goes there with her family and friends, it is a good way to keep her occupied while she is not working or playing with her little girl.

Her favorite movies are romantic comedy and melodrama, as for her favorite music the 90´s pop.

What is Olga doing in a dating agency? She is looking for her love of life, someone between 25 and 55 who will love her and her daughter.  

Want to know more? Ok, she expects everything she needs in this one lucky man. He should be her true love, of course, her lover and her best friend! She is willing to have a long term relationship based on honesty and faithfulness. This man should love children so that he can get along well with her daughter and want to build a happy family life. Besides, she is looking for someone kind heart, sincere, clever, reliable and ready to meet her in a real life! 


What to talk with her?

She is from the city of Minsk, the city of Blarus with the most beautiful girls so you must make a big effort to conquer her!.  Besides, you can talk about which books or movies likes, about what she likes to cook, which kind of music she likes to hear.

Remember that Olga is an Economist, so we suggest you to take notes about the economy nowadays! It is a really good talkative and interesting point. 


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