Evgeniya from Ukraine - 45170

Evgeniya from Ukraine 45170

About Evgeniya

Anna is a very cute girl that seems to be a different girl in each photograph. Don’t believe us? Take a look to some of her photographs in her online profile and you will see her as an angel as an executive secretary or as a sexy model.

She is a single Christian bride with 23 years old, which never drinks and never smokes.

She is from Sagittarius, her height is 5' 3" (161 cm) and with a Weight of 99lb (45kg). She have brown hair color and with lovely hazel eyes.

In her online profile, she describes herself as a girl with several good features, like sensual, kind, realistic, gentle, tolerant and oriented. What her friends say about her? That they feel relaxed every time that they meet her.

She also describes herself as a very positive, calm and polite girl and tries to be like this in any circumstances. Anna is a girl that tries to enjoy every time of her life doing and taking everything she could, so she is here in this dating website looking for her blue Prince.

She seems to be a very interesting girl to contact and start to communicate with her (by letter or videochat). She also seems to be an active girl but also romantic, that likes to hear romantic music. Reading her preferences, we see that she is a healthy person because she does not smoke and also she doesn’t drink.

Anna is a girl that likes very much nature, so in her online profile she says: I’m crazy about nature. But nature is a very big definition, so what she really likes about nature? She specially likes mountains and forest (we understand that she means forest when she says woods).

She also likes to draw very much (she is herself as a very creative girl). About other activities, she likes going to quiet cafes with romantic music, and also going to discos (she prefer going there with her man).

Seems not looking for a complex man, as we can see reading other girls profiles. Evgeniya dreams with a man that must be reliable, gentle, kind, faithful, honest and romantic.

She is one of the girls that say about her man: he must be everything: my love, my best friend, my rock her hero. He (perhaps “you” if you conquer her), must try to transmit her love every day.

If you are between 25 and 60 years old, you are in her preferable age range, so harry up and send her a message.


What to talk with her?

You have lots of topics to talk with Evgeniya. She works as manager in an important company (you can ask her where and what she do there), she likes very much nature and make emphasis in this interest, so you have a very important topic to talk about. A tip about this, she likes forest and mountains.

About going out, she likes to go to a disco (dance club) with her man so if you want to visit her you can go dancing with her. She writes in her profile that is wants her personal hero, so you can start tell her things about you but don’t be a silly she is not looking for superman. 


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