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Iana from Moldova

About Her

Iana may be the ideal Moldavian bride and smart enough to know this.

She is young from Libra, never married and lives in Chisinau, Moldova . She is thin and with average height (5ยด 6" / 168 centimeters). She has beautiful blue eyes and brown short hair. She a University degree and works as a manager in Chisinau, Moldova

She drinks only in special occasions like parties, even though she does not smoke. 

Alexandra is the perfect type of girl for those who like to do sports. She could be an excellent partner as she loves to keep fit. She is an active, talkative and life loving person that wants to enjoy every second of her life in a good company.  Besides, she also likes to be in her house and release stress reading magazines or interesting books.

She portrays herself as an energetic, life-loving and easy-to-talk person. She says having the virtue of making friends easily makes her talkative and a friendly girl. Nevertheless, she really loves and respects her best friends as she likes to always have a smile in her face and be around them.

She is also an aware and responsive person and, as a result, her values about family warmth and keeping a close relationship between people are extremely important.

If you don’t know, Pisces ladies are very attractive and interesting. They always want to make a man feel like a man because, she need a guardian and leader. They are pleasant, soft and feminine.

From what we can see in her photos, it seems that she loves going to the beach and she has a casual style of dressing.

This girl is into open air activities preferably in a great company. She has too many interests love fitness, aerobics as well as swimming. It seems that Alexandra wants to have a healthy life and do a lot of exercise!

On the other hand, she enjoys reading books or magazines in her cozy room. She loves going to the cinema or even to the theater with her best friends and something totally surprising to see the rain trough the windows of her room because it keeps her thinking.

What she is looking for in Anastasia Date agency? Could be obvious an answer, but she is looking for her perfect type of man. You could be that person, if you are between 27 and 45 years old, affectionate, caring and with a kind heart. But she wants even more, this man should be attentive, reliable and down-to-earth because she wants to build a relationship based on security, loyalty and honesty. And needless to say, he must love her! 

In few words, we should point out that Alexandra is looking for an affectionate man, who will support her every time no matter what and attentive.


What to talk with her?

She lives and works in Chisinau, Moldova the main city of the country. As a cultural city, we think that Iana will like to talk about culture, about their museums and theaters. Remember she likes to read books, so start reading to share experiences and authors with her!
You should also bear in mind that she likes to keep fit and love sports, so search about the main sport in her city town if you are really interested in her!


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