Inga from Nikolaev in Ukraine - 47265

Inga from Nikolaev, Ukraine - 47265

About Her

Inga is just an overall beautiful girl standing 5' 9" (173 centimeters) with long blonde hair and green eyes. This Ukrainian goddess has her goals and interests, we invite you to read the following paragraphs to know more about her.

She was born in 1999, was never married and she does not drink or smoke.

She works as Financial in Nikolaev and her English level is good. 

Reading her online profile, we see a very sensitive girl who searches for a man that would protect her. Don’t confuse if you see her sexy pictures in the beach. Watching the pictures we can think that Inga likes nature like going to the beach or very green parks with beautiful flowers. 

She describes her character as extremely open and optimistic. She has the virtue of talking the same language with everybody and helps people when they need her. 

She also says in her online profile that she is sensitive and youthful, and these features make her suffer, because in real life we have contact with good people and also with bad people that have bad objectives. For that reason she looks for a really good and honest man with good purposes, like building a long term relationship with her. 

What she likes to do? Inga says in her profile that she loves to read books (in particular classic books). She likes so much reading, that some books she can read them many times. Why? Because she says that some books give her life knowledge. She is serious and she knows that she must learn lots of things to become a genuine woman.

What about other interests? She loves music art, for that reason she makes professional dancing and participates as singer in an instrumental group. What kind music she sings? Jazz music and solemn music.

She also describes in her profile that she loves to cook (is her passion) and likes to stay at home when is raining, watching a romantic movie or drinking hot tear watching the rain from windows.

Inga is looking for a simple man with many good characteristics, like romantic, loving and kind. Especially she looks for a gentle man, who will not make her sad and make her happy. She is concerned about her inexperience so she really needs a man who will not use her; by the way she is improving her emotions every day. 

She wants to be the best girl for her future husband, who must be a man between 30 and 45 years old.


What to talk with her?

 You have many topics to talk with Inga, like the music that she likes to listen: Jazz, Blues and Light Rock.  Also she likes to watch romantic movies; her favorite movie is Breakfast At Tiffany (a movie of 1961).


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