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Julia Ternopol, Ukraine

About Her By Us

As you may know, Ukraine girls are the most sexy girls from CIS countries and Julia is the confirmation.

How can we describe this mature girl with one word? Wow!  With beautiful and very sexy figure, very slim with average height we don’t need to explain more, or you need glasses?

Watching her pictures, we can see that she has a great body so maybe she loves to do some exercise and have a healthy life style. Judging by her photographs she seems to be really attractive and bold but bear in mind that she is really romantic and wants to be loved!

This single, never married girl over 39 years old (from Gemini), born on March 11 of 1979. She has attractive blue eyes and blonde hair color. She only likes to drinks in special occasions and does not smoke, perfect for you if you don’t like smoker girls. She has a University degree and works as her owner in administrator in Ternopol, Ukraine . 

Perhaps you will need translator services to start a communication with her, because her English language skill is basic.

In her profile, she describes herself as a sincere, confident and faithful woman. Despite Julia looks as she were a strong woman, she only wants to get hugged and loved. She needs someone to care about her and someone who never let her go. Her friends and family are on first place in front of anything. 

This girl loves to meet new people, she is really sociable, funny and easy-to-talk

You may think… little information to know if she could be your soul mate. Yes we understand, so we search about her zodiacal sign, and we found out that Gemini ladies are really charming. However, dating a Gemini woman might feel like a friendship, because her casual nature. You must not see this as a disadvantage, because for casual man who is away from loving emotions, she is the right woman!

Now is time to know about her interests…. Besides she is an open-minded person who loves to try new things all the time and to have different experiences in life.

She is keen on traveling and meeting new places so that she can get more familiar about countries and different cultures. She is really into Philosophy.

She is really active who would love to travel around the world. This shows that she is curious, adventurous as well as outgoing. She could be a really good match if you like persons who are in constant movement and loves to do all sort of things.

Now is the turn to know if you are her type. Julia is willing to find someone clever, kind, thoughtful and funny to be with. This man should have good sense of humor because she is a woman who likes to laugh and having fun.  He would be preferable to be between his 37´s and 60´s and tall!  You meet these requirements?  If yes search her profile and contact her ASAP


What to talk with her?

We know that she loves to watch over and over these films: “Burlesque”, “The Tourist”  and  “Avatar” (the last movie of James Cameron),  so try to search more information about this films using search engines like Google. Besides, she likes to listen to pop from all over the world and mostly Russian music.
You can also talk about which countries does she want to visit and why or about Philosophy. Keep in mind that she is really into Philosophy!


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