Julia from Lvov in Ukraine - 45933

Julia from Lvov in Ukraine - 45933

About Her

Juliya is 20 years old, lone girl of Lvov City in Ukraine who was never married.

Her weight is 125 lbs (57 kilograms) and her height is 5' 9" (170 centimeters), with blue eyes and blonde hair color. She is a student in Lvov and her English level is good.

Juliya is a very active girl that values very much her friends. She compares this value higher than gold or a luxury car.  She also values her family, which pushes her to be successful in life, for example helping her with her University studies in Lvov City.

She wants to live her life with action each minute and you must think the same if you want to date her. As a very active girl, she likes to do lots of things so we can think that you can share with her some interest, like dancing, music (she likes club, slow and pop), watching movies (to watch comedies and romantic films like Titanic)  or something else. If you are man who likes a calm way of life, Juliya is not your girl.

She knows that she is a very beautiful girl with slim figure and talent, who tries to support and understand her friends in any situation.

She describes as a girl that likes to develop her good qualities. What are her most important interests? She likes to spend time with her people, like going to parties, using nice clothes, watch sunny or raining days through the window and much more activities like surfing, ping, dancing, photography, cinema and listening music.

She always find a moment to try something new even if she is busy studying. Her phrase: We live once time and it is boring watching TV each day.

As every girl that joins a dating website, she searches for love while she asks herself sometimes which is the right way to live?

She is looking for a man (between 30 and 55 years old) that thinks like her; in other words she is looking for a man that thinks that live is short and you must not waste time in vain, so if you can help another person you will receive love. 

In few words, Juliya wants to meet a man who must love her profoundly and value every day with her


What to talk with her?

If you read the last paragraphs you can deduce that Julia is a very active girl so you have lots of topics to talk with her.

She likes to receive surprises like breakfast in the morning, so perhaps you can think something about this to surprise her.

About music you talk with her about pop music, club music and also slow music (more romantic). Ask her which singers she likes and also ask her about favorite’s movies. We read that she likes horrors, romantic and comedy movies. 


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