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Juliya Kiev, Ukraine

About Her

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Today we found Danielle born on 4 July, 1984 in Kiev.  

She is a single girl, never married from Aries with gorgeous blue eyes. She is an International Relations Specialist and drinks only in especial occasions as she likes to party with her friends, nevertheless she is not a smoker. 

What we see about her so that we can help you? She is a romantic girl (because she loves being near the sea during her vacations and motivate herself with energy of sun) so you can date her in the beach and see the sunset together. Danielle likes to travel, this means she is an explorer, adventurous and active woman. This point is amazing if you like to do a lot of things.

This girl really loves languages, her English skill is good and she studies French. So if you know English or French you can avoid translator services.

Her friends describe her as the most cheerful, energetic, active and hilarious person they have ever known!

Even though she is always in the spotlight and loves to be the center of the attention of the parties, she knows when to be responsible and serious as well.

Another feature of her personality is that she is generous and honest in all aspects.

Want to know if you have the same interests? Danielle loves outdoor activities. She always tries to spend every single vacation near the seaside where she can release her stress by inspiring herself with energy of sun and the noise and smell of water. 

Though she loves to travel a lot, she have not been to many countries but those which she have visited have extremely opposite cultures and she hopes to have a shot in the future to visit more and get familiar with many more countries and cultures as well.

On the other hand, Juliya enjoys being chilling out in her house. She likes reading magazines and books but she prefers love stories and detective ones.

You are the kind of man that she looks for? If you are between 25 and 55 you can go ahead and read more… She is looking for a man with interesting personality, intelligent, financially secure and thoughtful. He has to treat her like a gorgeous Queen so that she treats him like a King!

Besides this fortunate man does not be afraid of true love, he has to be extremely open-hearted and she ensures he will be the happiest man in the whole world. She needs someone with she can share everything, a friend, a lover in one single man. 

STOP! Before contacting her make a self review sure you will fulfill some of the characteristics that the man of her dreams must fulfill, do not waste her or your time because she is looking for someone who treats her like a Queen!


What to talk with her?

Her favorite music is Ukraine folk songs, romances and Gypsy songs. But she also likes foreign singers such as Cher, Houstonand Dalida. She is into classic and organ music though she listens to it rather seldom. Her favorites are Jo de Sen and Paul Morea, so try to search more information about this two and surprise her!
As for her favorite movies, she mostly watches comedies or romantic movies. Her favorite actor is Eddy Murphy.


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