Kristina from Odessa - 43209

Kristina from Odessa 43209

About Her

Kristina is the best representation of the beautiful girls of Ukraine, available for mail order. 

She is a single girl who was born in 1992 (from Libra), who was never married.

Her weight is 110 lbs (50 kilograms) and her height is 5' 4" (162 centimeters), with sweet gray eyes and fair hair color. She is a University student and she evaluates her English skill level as beginner.

She is really a different girl if you read her profile. She is a girl that is very sexy and beautiful (you can confirm that watching the photo here in this webpage or more in her profile), also a girl that likes risky sports, likes sciences (how many girls likes to watch Discovery Channel?), likes to dance, watch TV, and more… reading again she seems to be fantastic :-)  

She describes herself as a risky girl… she says that life brings to her happiness and pleasure knowing that today is difficult to reach them.  

Nadejda is that kind of person that knows that life is too short and she wants to enjoy it, so she tries to do everything, like sky ping, and other extreme sports. 

As other girls she is a girl that wants to be loved, searching a man to share her life with him. Few ladies describe herself in this way, saying that they could make life brighter and unforgettable.

She have lots of hobbies, like sports and music, but her most important hobby is dancing, so she learned to dance and today she is a professional dancer, which can dance any kind of music. Talking about music, she loves club and dancing music.

She says in her profile that she has many interests, like science (she loves to watch Discovery Channel), nature, animals and garden plants specially flowers. Like most of us, she likes to lie in a sofa to watch a movie or TV.

As all Taurus ladies, Kristina is a very elegant woman with slim body all characteristics that you can confirm that looking her pictures.

What is searching for this pretty girl from Ukraine? As most of the people that visit this site: for her soul mate or second half. To be more certain she wants to meet a man that knows that communication it is the base of all kind of communications so each one can be familiar with the other thoughts and feelings. Kristina is not searching for the blue prince, because she can fall in love with a man because his soul and eyes, but he must be between 25 and 50 years old.

The most important value that a man must have to conquer her is being honestly, friendly, with good sense of humor and knows what he wants and wish for his life.


What to talk with her?

We doubt to comment this section… because she is a very but very active girl that makes lots of things so we are sure that you can talk with her about something.

By the way, you can talk with Kritina about science (if you know a bit), also talk about what kind of music she likes to listen and dance (remember she is a professional dancer). If you like extreme sports, you are the man! She mentions in her profile that she likes this type of sports so you can talk about this, tell her which sports you like and which you really practice. But if you are a common man, you also have opportunities to talk with her, because she likes gardening (her picture is with plants, talk about that), watching TV and movies.


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