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Kristina from Kiev in Ukraine

A bit about Kristina

Lidia is a beautiful girl from Russian Federation as you can see in her pictures.

She is a single girl with 30 years old, who likes to drink occasionally and never was married.

She is from Scorpio zodiacal sign, her height is 5' 7'' (170 centimeters) with nice green eyes.

Lidia describes herself in her online profile as a girl that likes to do everything that is beautiful.  She describe few features about her character, but these features allows us to know that Lidia is a very active girl that loves to improve herself, likes to be inform and likes to learn new thing always.

Seems to be a very passionate girl… why? Look her pictures she likes to wear sexy clothes, like miniskirts with long high heel boots showing her very cute and long legs… or red dress showing her sensual curves. Remember that she likes to make surprises to new people that she meet, why not think that you can be lucky and receive a nice surprise from her?

Reading her profile we can see that she is a very versatile girl, because she likes to talk about many topics like politics, business, cars, and much more.

As an active girl she likes to do many things; she like to talk about business (learn about new type of business), she likes to travel, talk about politics, visit arts galleries, talk about cars (also she likes to drive them) and finally she also likes design.

She has a special interest; she likes to spend her time helping people, especially new people that she meets. How she makes this? She tries to help when people don’t expect it.

Kristina is looking for a simple man with some interesting features like, gentle, helpful, serious, truthful, good heart and well-disciplined. So you can see that she is not looking for a strange man, because most of them have those features.

Watching her pictures we can see that Kristina likes nature, most of her pictures are in open parks with flowers or trees behind her.

Last we can say about her characteristics, that she is from Scorpio and girls from this zodiacal sing are intense and energetic and they are known as the best lovers… 



What to talk with her?

With Lidia you can talk about many topics; she likes to talk about business, so if you are successful business man you can start the conversation with this topic. Also if you like politics you can start to talk with her about this topic, perhaps you must read something about Russian politics to be more polite. What about talking about cars with a woman? Seems that Lidia is your girl, she likes to talk about cars, for example ask her which cars she likes… and if you like arts you can talk with her about visiting museums, galleries, and more.


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