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Leila from Kiev in Ukraine

About Leila

Did you see her face? Her sensual figure? Her eyes? She is like a big and real doll from Ukraine.

She is a single girl who was born in 1988. She was never married, does not smoke and drinks socially.

She is from Taurus, her height is 5' 1" (156 centimeters) and with a Weight of 114 lbs (52 kilograms). Her hair color is black and she has cute brown eyes.

She describe as a very social girl, which have many friends and have the ability of making new friends easy.  

She says that she is stable and persistent, but she has two defects or imperfections: punctuality so perhaps you date her, you must wait her some minutes : ) and she does not like to cook, but she knows that you can’t eat pizza or half-prepared food always : )

Leila is a girl that likes to make things with somebody else; for her making things with more persons is very interesting and rewarding but she knows that requires tolerance and patience, features that are required for a fruitfully relationship.

Leila is fascinated with new cultures and their peculiarities, so she likes to travel outside Ukraine time to time, for example she dreams to visit Amsterdam, Berlin, London and also Thailand.  Her preferred activity is to see other persons and organizing parties with friends.

She knows that most men of this dating website know English language and most of the places that she want to visit also use English to talk or communicate, but she dreams to learn Spanish language.

She also seems to be an active girl that likes to travel outside Ukraine and also she likes to learn Spanish language so if you know this language you have more chances than others. 

She looks for a steady and faithful man who must not jealous her, in other words she is searching for a man who won’t require love and attention without giving the same naturally and not upon requests.

Her man must be confident and stable not only for his decisions and opinions, also in what he wants with her, because she is stable in her choices, once she gives her heart and soul to a man. She is the type of girl that will work to preserve the union of the couple.

In few words she wants to find a sociable and friendly man, who wants to intimate with her and have private communication. 

We know that we already said the same, but Kathy is a very beautiful girl with sexy body and wonderful eyes and lips. Don’t be afraid of contacting her… why we say this? Perhaps you see her picture and you think: she is very beautiful for me. But if you read her profile she is not looking for Brad Pit, she is looking for a common man, with simple features like being confident and stable.


What to talk with her?

You have lots of topics to talk with Kathy, especially if you know information or live in one of her dream cities, like Amsterdam, Berlin or London.  Also you could be lucky if you know Thailand, is her other dream. But don’t think that you don’t have topics to talk with her if you don’t know about those cities.  You can visit Wikipedia, read about those places to learn and take tips and notes to talk with Kathy.

If you are from Spain or Latin-American you have an advantage.

Why? Remember that she wants to learn Spanish! So you can start to teach her Spanish, you could be her private Spanish teacher : )


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