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Lyudmila from Melitopol ID: 1585970

Lyudmila from Melitopol ID: 1585970

About Her, our Review

Yes you are right. You access to this profile to meet a mature girl and you see the picture of a young girl… but is not true… Lyudmila is 41 years old (from Aquarius), never arried and is another beautiful girl of Ukraine but from Melitopol city. 

Want to know about her figure… please visit her profile, the images of her profile describe her beauty. But we can help you with some features about her… she has beautiful brown eyes and brown long hair. She a University degree and works as a manager.

So watching her profile and pictures you will confirm that she is a girl that likes to take care about her body and seems to be a very healthy girl.

She drinks only in special occasions like parties, even though she does not smoke. She studies English as well as Russian!

She describes herself as an emotional, landed, honest, mischievous and funny person. She is really curious in everything related to things that happen around her. Adding to her description, she illustrated herself as someone charm, beautiful and affective but she recognizes that she is not an angel or something like that, she is a bad girl with good manners! :-)

Want more about her character… ok read our brief review of her zodiacal sign: Lyudmila has strength features such as being tolerant, loyal, flexible and imaginative girl but also she have some weakness like indecisive. 

Besides she actually seems to be a really active girl, who likes to spend time outdoors and having fun with her friends and thoughtful because she extremely appreciates landscapes.

What She likes to do? Her main interest is travelling. She desires to travel all over the world someday, to get familiar with more countries and cultures. 

What is more, she enjoys dancing, spending time with her friends anywhere and having a good time meanwhile. She loves outdoor activities, to spend some time on the nature and paintings as is her way of releasing stress and getting inspiration from different landscapes. On the other hand she likes arts and poetry.

Are you the man of her dreams?  If you meet the following characteristics you could be the man of her dreams.  So please read carefully, because she is looking for a family oriented man, her soul mate and advisor. This man should like nature because she feels that it is very loving and dreamy and he also has to want to create spiritual competence with her as she thinks is really important for the future of the relationship. 

Something important to know, she does not care about age because she considers love has no rules at all, this man should be between his 30´s and 65´s. quite a big range! 


What to talk with her?

A talkative point with her could be about the countries she wants to visit and the ones that she had. Remember that she truly wants to travel all over the world!. Besides she enjoys being outside, take some fresh air and get inspired by every single thing. You should ask her about what she thinks in those moments and share your ideas.

Ask her about her music taste, we know that she likes classics! Search more information about this!


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