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Marina from Poltava

About Her

For many of us language is a challenge and sometimes shies away from Russian ladies because of our incapacity to speak Russian. Well, no such problem here.

Marina evaluates her English speaking skills as Good, is single and using our dating agency looking for her soul mate.

Want to know more about Marina? She was born on 30 June 1997 (from Cancer) in Poltava (Ukraine). Her height is 5"7ยด (170 centimeters), with amazing black eyes and long hair. 

She drinks only in occasional situations and she is not a smoker and has a university degree and works as manager in a company of Kishinev. 

She explains herself as a relaxed and easygoing person who doesn’t like any kind of drama or problems. She prefers to be straightforward and go with the true always. 

Marina has good sense of humor, she likes to laugh every time and most important enjoy every single minute. She is looking for a man with the same values as her, someone who will never cheat or lie.

Marina is a woman who had, apparently, a difficult life. Even though she passed through a porce, she is still looking for her true love. She truly believes in what is meant by “love” so don´t disappoint her!. From what we can see, she is a person full of hope, with good energy, charming and feminine judging by her way of dressing.  She can be a fun person to be with!

The Cancer ladies are very charming and attractive. She can make a man feel like a man because of her need for a guardian and organizer. If you are looking for someone that cares about you, it seems that Marina is your girl!

Do you like healthy life? She is your girl, because likes to do morning exercises and have a healthy life. She is careful in what she eats and with her daily exercises as she find them really important to have a long and stress-free life. She also likes to go to gym sometimes, and play volleyball when she has spare time.

Another thing that she pointed out was that she loves singing in the shower, like pop or even some rock!

Are you between 30 and 50 and like children? Because she woman is looking for someone who likes being around children, playing with them and built a good relationship with her daughter. If you want a serious relationship with this sexy girl, you must be really patient and tolerant because Marina has to split her time between her son and this lucky man. 

In few words, she is looking for someone wise, intelligent and astute. 


What to talk with her?

From our point of view Marina is really into having a healthy life by going to the gym or making exercises daily so try to be a good partner! She would love to have a great couple to share this type of activities.

A talking point could be about comedies, these are her favorites! If you are interested in this girl and want to have a good conversation you should search about comedies and ask her about her favorites ones.

Remember she is a manager and has a university degree, there you have an excellent point. If you are looking for someone calm or quiet, don’t even think about her!


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