Oksana from Odessa in Ukraine - 30564

Oksana 30564

A bit about her

Really many things to say about this single girl from Sagittarius. Oksana over 39 year sold was born on 09 December, 1978.  Her measures are normal, slim figure and average height for a woman. She has beautiful brown eyes and brown color hair. 

She has University degree and she works as a director in Odessa. She occasionally drinks but she is not a smoker. 

If you know English you will not need to use translation services, because she evaluates her English skills as advanced.

She portrays herself as a dreamy, funny and friendly person. We understand you will say, all these girls says the same… great sense of humor and loves to laugh, but if you see her pictures you will see a positive girl. Besides, she sees herself as someone goal-oriented, positive, broadminded and diplomatic. Something interesting about Eva, is that she always helps people with their own drawbacks as she feels that someday this help will return.

From what we can see, she is a person full of hope, with good energy, charming and feminine because of her dressing style.  She can be an interesting person, funny to be with and sociable. 

Some information to know … Eva is a woman who had, apparently, a difficult life judging by her porce. She truly believes in what is meant by “love” so don´t disappoint her!

What She likes to do? She likes to do all sort of things and that means that you are not going to be bored! But if you are a man who likes to have an inactive way of living, do not thing about Eva!

She loves to do yoga and mountain skiing because she loves to be relaxed and thinking about deep things. Besides she likes to cook (she likes to eat tiramisu) maybe she likes to cook different foreign dishes and try new and unusual things! she really appreciates pictorial art traveling ... something that sounds fantastic if you like adventures, she dreams to travel and visit The Himalayas...  She is also into Psychology as well as Philosophy. Eva enjoys listening to music and jewelry art. 

You are the man that she wants? Oksana is looking for someone outgoing, sociable and open minded. Someone who likes to have an active lifestyle likes sports, music and traveling, older than 38 years old. You apply? If yes continue reading, this man should have something in common with her because it is the best way to keep the relationship going. 

Last but not least she wants the same that other girls… She wants to meet a family-oriented man who likes to show affect and being around children. 


What to talk with her?

You have many topics to talk with Eva, like the music that she likes to listen: Jazz, Rock and Pop. Remember she works as a director, ask her about what type of job does she do and how is it like. You can also take some romantics things to captivate her attention, but remember that she search for a clever man so don’t be a foul like copy and send poems that you goggled! 

Besides, her favorite sport is swimming. You should ask her why and who is her favorite swimmer!


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