Olga from Kiev in Ukraine - 47194

Olga from Kiev in Ukraine - 47194

A bit about Olga

Beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair color, sensual figure, very young and VERY SEXY. 

She is 18 years old (from Taurus), single and never married girl of Kiev city of Ukraine, who does not like to drink and smoke.

What about her body measures? Her weight is 132 lbs (60 kilograms) and her height is 5' 6" (165 centimeters). 

Look her pictures (public pictures and private pictures)… you can confirm that she is a very sensual girl. If you read her profile with attention, you read the word Erotic… but this feature does not mean that Olga is a girl for a night, read the whole profile, she is looking for a serious and long term relationship.

She describes her character as the singer Donna Summer describes herself: sensual and physical, erotic, but on a sort of a fantasy level. She considers herself feminine, sophisticated, loving, soft, sexy and with passion. She also adds to her description as serious, fashionable, inflexible and ambitious.

Family is very important for her, for that reason she wants to find a man ready to make her happy and ready to start a family with her step by step. Based in her family she thinks that she can be a good wife and mother.

What she likes to do in her free time?  She has lots of interests and the most important hobby for her is cooking. For that reason since she was a little girl, Olga dreamed to have her own café or restaurant. Her specialties are soup with mushrooms and steak with vegetables.

She seems to be entrepreneur girl; if you are also an entrepreneur man, you can find in Olga your perfect partner… and who knows perhaps you can startup your Ukrainian food restaurant in your city with her : -) 

But she have another interest, she likes to design. For example, she likes to make her house comfortable; her idea is a home must look as a home.

Last but not least, she likes outdoor activities like jogging, swimming, also pay table tennis, she love camping (she loves nature) and also mountaineering (but not too often). 

Olga is looking for a serious man with serious intentions of creating a family with children. If you achieve these features you are the man that she is looking! The most important thing is that she does not care about age, appearance or economic situation.

She also does not care about physical appearance (skin, height and weight). Her age range is big, so if you are between 35 years old and 65 years old, you can contact her.


What to talk with her?

You can talk with Olga about lots of themes. You can talk about cousin if you like, is her most important hobby. She also likes to listen music; her favorites are rock, jazz, pop and rap. You Want to talk about movies? Her favorite movies are comedies and she likes to watch football, so you will not have problem with your TV : ), seems that she can sit with you and watch a match.

If you like to travel, you can talk with her about which are the cities that she know of want to know. We know that she wants to visit USA, Canada, Paris, London and Berlin.


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