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Svetlana from Lugansk ID: 1674859

Svetlana from Lugansk ID: 1674859

A bit about her

Svetlana or Svet as her friends call her is a single Ukrainian girl very young, because she is 18 years old (from Aries) and never married. 

She has a slim body, and not very tall with nice-looking green eyes and fair hair color with ringlets. She started her University studies and she is not working. 

She starts her online profile to tell about her name (Svetlana) that can be translated from Russian language as light. For this reason she thinks that she is as a very positive girl and very happy girl… and this could be true, why? Take look to her pictures she is always with a smile. What is important for this sweet and positive girl? Her family! So this implies that she has moral values, but perhaps she can miss her family if she must travel outside her country (this is important to talk with her). 

The most important things that we notice reading Svetlana’s online profile, is that she is a young that does not have bad experience in her life (for example, she never married), that is always optimistic and happy, and that is very important for everyone, especially if you are looking and searching for your soul mate. If you look her pictures she is a girl that likes nature, all her profile pictures and videos are outdoor using very sexy clothes (like short dresses and bikinis).

What others say about her character? Her family and best friends consider that kindness and consideration are the best features of her character, she always like to help people. 

She consider herself as a home girl that not like noisy places, and prefer to stay in her home reading a book or with her family and friends, playing twister, table football or watching TV series as Friends eating pizza (her favorite food).  But not only indoor activities she likes, because she also likes outdoor activities like swimming playing tennis and jogging. 

As many young women, she likes shopping but she is very conservative so don’t be afraid, your wallet is safe :-) because she does not like to waste money on things that are unnecessary.

She likes to read adventures or romantic books and watch movies like comedies The Hangover, and What Happens in Vegas (with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher) or The Proposal when she has some time.

The most important thing to know about her: she likes to cook (when she was a child her dream was becoming a Chef), is her most important passion so every Saturday she prepares something delicious for her family. 

What is searching a young girl in a dating website? She looks for a man who must help her to improve herself. She express in her profile that she is searching for her hero… yes remember she is young and with sweet dreams, but perhaps you can be her hero with few things, like receiving flowers (she likes Red roses and pink tulips). Why you? Because she is not searching for a man like Brad Pitt, she does not care about age or how he looks.


What to talk with her?

Lugansk (also known as Luhansk) is a southeast city of Ukraine with 400000 inhabitants Lugansk. You talk with her about the beautiful parks and memorial places of the city that also have important industries and also have a Music and Drama Theater. As a university student she must go the University of Luhansk, which is the most important and oldest university of the region. Talk with her about what she is studying and what she thinks about that University.

Also you can talk with her about the TV Programs that she likes (remember that she likes Friends) and also talk with her about food (she likes pizza with cheese). If you know about Tennis you can ask her favorite tennis player.


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