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Tamara from  Kiev, Ukraine

A bit about her

We read your mind...  you are thinking: Tamara is beautiful blonde girl with great blue eyes … if you watched her eyes and not her legs : -)

Tam as her friends call her, she has over 40 years old and is from Taurus , living in the most beautiful city of Ukraine: Kiev.  If you want to start a communication with her, her birthday is on 27 November, sending her as a present a beautiful red rose…

Her measures are very interesting, her figure a bit slim but she is tall. 

She drinks occasionally but she does not smoke… she has a college degree and works as a salesperson, so if you are involve in the commercial world you have many topics and experiences to share with her.

Despite her porce years ago, this girl is still looking for her true love. This talks about her good energy, her wishes to be truly happy and that she never gives up upon anything.  

If you access to her online profile you will see that she is actually a nature lover, she loves being surrounded by nature, spending time outdoors (like  going to the beach, arranging picnics and swimming) or taking a ride with her motorcycle while enjoying landscape. 

It seems that this girl really loves nature, feeling the air in her face and smelling the fresh aroma…  she is girl is for a man with lots of energy and creativity, needless to say. Searching about her zodiacal sign, we found out that Taurus woman like unconventionality and change, so whisk her away last second to somewhere unplanned and uncharted.

So if you are a calm man, who loves indoors activities Tamara is not your girl, take note about this. Besides she seems to have a great attitude and always seems to be on the go.

What about her character? She illustrates herself as a nature lover, sociable, energetic and loving person. She has perfect sense of humor, she loves to laugh and make her friends laugh as she loves spending free time with them. 

Her main interest is cooking, her specialty is the Ukrainian gastronomy and loves to try new things in the kitchen making food for her friends. 

If you like to walk in the beach, she is your soul mate… she enjoys walking near the sea, because is her way to get distracted and to fall into her deepest thoughts.  And if you like photography she also is your soul mate, she loves taking photographs, maybe because she likes to catch the moment or because she likes photographing landscapes, you should ask her. 

You may think, could be Tamara my soul mate? If you want to be a friend and lover of your girl, if you consider yourself as a simple person, you could be her soul mate and make her happy and as return she will make you happy, perhaps the happiest man in the whole world.  

Remember she has a child, so this man should be a good father and to love children!


What to talk with her?

Tamara is someone really easy-to- talk, you have plenty of points. You can talk about what she likes cooking and why, maybe you can give her your grandma’s recipes! but if you are really into this girl, take her out to  somewhere full of fresh air. Keep in mind that she loves going for ride with her bicycle or motorcycle!

We know that her favorite music is pop and her favorite movies are romantic, drama and comedies. You should ask her about her favorite actresses and musicians.


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