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Viktoria from Kiev ID 1668671

Viktoria from Kiev ID 1668671

About Her

With Viktoria in your live, you will have a sexy designer with a creative imagination… 

She is a single girl from Kiev 25 years old from Aquarius, that never married and drinks occasionally.

Her weight is 105 lbs (48 kilograms) and her height is 5' 7" (170 centimeters), with sweet brown eyes and brown hair color. She has a University degree and she works as designer.

Her English skill is beginner, sure you will need a translator services. 

Viktoria is a very nice girl of 25 years old that searches for mature man. She is a real girl, one of those girls that really want to start a relationship with a man older than her. But read carefully, she is not looking a common mature man, this man must accomplish some important features, like strong, gentle, intelligent, sportive and many other features. 

But if you meet only a few of these features and you are a mature man and you like Viktoria qualities, try to contact her, perhaps you can be luckily because all of us know that the perfect girl or perfect man does not exist.

She describes herself in her online profile as kind, sincere and with moral values, and she also describes her as a social and positive woman.

She is a lady with different characteristics, showing that she is a very versatile girl. She is a positive girl and thinks that all that happens in our life depends of us, so if we want to be happy we must make the best effort (and she works for that).

She works as fashion-designer so we can deduce that she is a very creative girl, and she says that in her profile. She also says in her profile that she can`t imagine her life without art, because Art is her way of life.

What she really likes to do? She enjoys reading books and magazines, painting and also going to the theatre. She also likes very much traveling (who not like to travel?), and she says that travels motivate her new ideas. 

Also Viktoria likes to ride horses, dancing, making aerobics and yoga. 

What she is looking for? This question has a different response than other girls, because Viktoria wants to meet a mature man.  

But she don’t want any mature man, she wants to date a strong and reliable mature man between 35 and 55 years old. Also this strong and reliable mature man, must be loving, gentle, strong, clever, sportive and with a generous heart, ingenious, reliable and liable. Wow so many characteristics for one man? Mmm yes she asks all that, and she knows that she is sexy and very beautiful, so she can ask this.


What to talk with her?

Viktoria seems to be a girl with good conversations, and more interesting will be for her if you are a mature man. The most important things that she likes is reading, so you can ask her which kind of book she reads and if she also reads magazines.

She likes to ride horses, is something that is not easy to make, most if you leave in a city but if you leave in place where you can ride horse it will be great, because you can share experiences with her. Also if you are into mystic things like yoga, you can share with her your sensations and why you are into this kind of mystic stuff.


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