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Yana from Odessa

About Her

What about dating a beautiful girl from Ukraine that wants to be an actress?

Yana is a single girl of Kiev with 23 years old (from Sagittarius) that never drinks and she never was married.

Her weight is 114 lbs (or 52 kilograms) and her height is 5' 8" (or 172 centimeters), with beautiful green eyes. 

She is student and she evaluates her English level as fluent.

What we can say about Yana this beautiful girl from Kiev? We understand reading her online profile that she wants to meet and share her life with a man that share her way of life and ideas. For this reason, it will be important for your communications with her understand what she wants.

Seems that this will be an easy task for you, because she is a girl that likes to listen people. 

Being sentimental and emotional are features of Sagittarius girls so we believe that is true that she likes to listen people, so if you can invest some minutes of your time use them to chat with her.

Something else that we can tell you if you want to date her, is that Sagittarius girl’s likes well dressed and enigmatic men with simulating conversations and who respect her freedom.

She describes her character as a cautious, helpful, happy, energetic and open mind girl. She likes doing several things at the same time and also she likes to try something new always.

The last feature that she describes about her character is that she is a good listener which means that she really listens and understands what a person wants to tell her.

What she likes to do in her free time? She is 19 years old so as many girls of her age, she is studying and also interested in making lots of things, like meeting people, reading (magazines and books), traveling (inside Ukraine and also outside if she can), listening music, going to the theater (she studies to be an actress).

As she described her character, is sociable and serious that loves doing things that make her life complete.

What she is looking in a man? What is looking Yana in a dating website agency?

She is looking for a strong man that real knows what he wants, that shares her life point of view and ready to give her his shoulder and start a new life with her. As she said, she is a very active girl so she wants to meet a vigorous man with good sense of humor, helpful and understanding. You may ask yourself what she will give you? She will give you love, caring and passion! She will make you the happiest man on this world.


What to talk with her?

As she said and as we repeat in the last paragraph she is a girl that likes to talk, so you must take advance of this. Themes to talk with her; she likes to travel, so you can talk with her which countries or cities she will like to visit and also why not plan a travel with her in the future…

Yana likes to listen music (ask her what kind of music she likes) and also likes to read books and we think that some magazines. Last but not least, she likes theater and she study to be an actress so if you know about this, it will be very helpful for you.


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