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About Her

What we can say about Ksenia? There are a lot of things to say about this beautiful single girl from Moscow, who was born on the year 1994 (from Pisces).

Her weight is 141 lbs (64 kilograms) and her height is 5' 7" (170 centimeters), with pretty gray eyes and blond hair color. She is has a University studies (not finished) and works as philologist. She evaluates herself English skill as intermediate.

She is an intelligent bride that values inside prettiness and a sense of humor of the persons. 

She describes herself as happy and romantic that still believes in real love, and she join an International dating website because she knows that her missing half is anywhere in this world. Her friends and family see her as a kind person who can rely on her at any time or situation. 

She knows that everyone needs for advice when approaches a difficult situation so she is not afraid about asking second opinions. 

What we see in her profile to help you? She is a romantic girl (likes to walk watching the stars in the night at the beach or in a public park), and also she likes very much the flowers so we think that is a good idea to start the relationship with Yana is sending her flowers, but ask her which flowers she likes before sending. This could be also a great idea to accomplish her idea of receiving surprises.

She is a bride that can walk outside for hours next to the sea coast, at night watching the stars or at the evening in the park in autumn listening the sound of colored leaves under her feet or also walk in a park but in spring watching the colors of the flowers.

She likes to read books and watch movies on TV or cinemas. She likes to cook Ukraine food, listening music, making some outdoor sports and as a hobby she likes to take photographs of natural places (beaches or mountains).

As all the brides that search for online dating, that likes to meet an educated, real, reliable, generous, gentle, loving and authentic man to make a family. Wow so many characteristics to meet in a single man, but she wishes to find him, and perhaps you are the man? She knows that could be some obstacles and differences so she wants a man that will fight with her these difficulties. Also she requests that this man must surprise her every day with something new.

Perhaps you are afraid about the quantity of characteristics that the man of her dreams must fulfill, but if you make a self review sure you will fulfill some of them, because she want the same that other girls, build a family with her soul mate.

Please don’t lie to her if you only accomplish a few of characteristics you will waste your time. 


What to talk with her?

She is from the Moscow city, the city of Russia with the most beautiful girls so you must make a big effort to conquer her! If you can chat with her or exchange correspondence with her, you can talk about which books or movies likes, about what she likes to cook, which kind of music she likes to hear.

Also if you like photographing you can talk with Ksenia about what about this, and what she likes to take photograph besides mountains and beaches?


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