Oksana from Sochi - 45960

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About Her

Guys we are proud to present Oksana a single Russian girl, searching for her soul mate.

She was born in 1990 and she is from Scorpio.

Her weight is 110 lbs (50 kilograms) and her height is 5' 7" (169 centimeters), with attractive blue eyes and fair hair color. 

She is has a College degree and works as consultant in Sochi. 

Sure you will need translator services, because she evaluates her English language skill as good.

Reading her online profile you must know that this girl does like to smoke and also she does not like to drink, so take note of this if you date her, because you must ask for non alcoholic drinks. 

Also if you date her online (using video chat) or real, you must be on time because she likes punctually! 

By the way she seems as a very mature girl and romantic lady that is searching for a man that wants to feel her warmth… oh yeah seems great!

She expresses herself as quite modest girl and calm, which sometimes is serious and also communicative. Is young but she likes punctuality and responsibility and she is a girl sure in herself, that try to reach her goals every time. 

She is a romantic girl that likes to be loved, that wants to feel warmness in her heart from a romantic man.

What she likes to do? As all young women, she is a very active girl that likes to make everything that she can do with her own hands. She designed her own room, and when she designs she wants to be 100% original. She seems to be perfectionist with her work, because she says I want to see all my work splendid.

About music she loves instrumental music, pop, jazz and blues… and about movies she likes The Butterfly effect and Vanilla Sky. If you don’t know about these 2 movies, invest some time, because you can talk about this with her.

If you are man that likes to send flowers to the girls, take note about this… she likes Chinese roses! 

Is not in her profile but we think that she likes to spend time with her friends.

What she is looking for? She joined a web dating site because she is looking for a partner for her life. This man must be sincere very honest, intelligent and also positive. She want to share her experience and interest with this man and make with him a joint venture for the whole life, having the chances of watching sunrises together every day.


What to talk with her?

Sochi is a sea city of Russia that has lots activities. Remember that she is a teacher so you can start the conversation with her about what she likes to teach, what kind of students she have, what kind of things she had made with her hands, how looks her room.

You can also take some romantics things to captivate her attention, but remember that she search for a clever man so don’t be a foul like copy and send poems that you find using a search engine like Google…  


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