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A bit about Her

Hours and hours of making profiles reviews, and now is the turn of  Veror . She is a single girl from Sevastopol city (from Russia) from Virgon in the year 1995).

As you can see in the picture of the left (we know that is the first thing that you saw of this page) or in her profile pictures, has a slim figure, sexy long legs and tall (5' 7" or 170 centimeters), with beautiful green eyes and light brown hair color. Watching her pictures, we can see that she likes to use sexy clothes like stretch jeans with high heel shoes. She likes to show herself sexy, so we can think that if you date her, she will impress you with a very sexy make up and sexy clothes.

She does not like to smoke, she was never married (we don't know why, perhaps Kharkov men are blind :-)). Her English leve is beginner so perhaps you need translator services to talk with her.

As a young girl, she is very active and likes to be sociable with other people, so if you want to date her, you must know that she likes to communicate with other people because she really likes to talk about different things and learn, so don’t be jealous because this, see this as advantage for you, why? You really don’t know why? She wants to meet interesting people to discover new experiences. Perhaps you can be her next experience?

But what about her character? In her online profile does not describe much more, so we can think about her character reading her zodiacal sign features; loyalty person, so seems that you can trust in her if you need her sentimentally support and also they can help you with your business.  By the way, we know that cancer girls have a complex, fragile but also unpredictable character so perhaps she will need some support from you.

What about sports? She likes sports, so if you also likes sports this girl is for you. Which kind sports she likes to practice? She likes to swim and also she likes to play badminton, sounds strange but is true, so if you don’t know badminton you must start your trainee and if you are an experience badminton player is your opportunity!

What about her hobbies? Believe it or not she likes to sew … and also she likes very much to grow flowers, so if you have a house with a big garden you can talk with her about this. If you don’t know about flowers use Google and search for a while, yes man! Make an effort! Look her pictures, she is beautiful!

Look to a mirror… do you see a real man with sense of humor and strong character? If yes you win! You are the man type that she wants to meet! Remember that we told you that she was never married, but don’t worry she knows that she must share, be a good company for her husband and try to understand him if he have problems.


What to talk with her?

She lives and works in Sevastopol. As a cultural city, we think that Vera will like to talk about culture, about their museums and theaters. Remember this city has an important economic activity.


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