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How to make girls fond of you

Girls, apart from being a softer soul on this earth, have a keen sense of finding the most charismatic aura of the place. So it is not at all difficult to make girls fond of you. Not because they always look for someone but they have the sixth sense which tells them about the fishy thoughts going out in the minds of all males around them. They make it out very easily from your body language, expressions and non verbal communicating messages you are sending to them through sharing glares, smiles etc. while being at a distance also.

Once she notices you, your next step should be to create an impression for dating her. Making a positive first impression on your girl is a bit tough but not impossible. Here what matters the most is the Confidence. Don’t put on any cheap pick up lines which can distract and make them feel you as a creepy guy. But instead start the conversation with some normal gestures. Maybe asking them about the place or the environment can work. You can also pour in your thoughts about the ambience but don’t be a chatter box and abandon her from speaking. Be a gentle guy plus a listener and allow her to speak, so that you can get some more interesting things to talk about.

It is said that a girl takes maximum 90 seconds to form an impression about the guy. This means you have just one and a half minute to make way for your next 5 minute conversation with the same girl. Once you pass this 90 Seconds test, you can move forward to the next step of creating a long lasting impression so that next time it is she who says hi first. For that now you have to make her laugh, be humorous but don’t sound stupid. Be witty, but don’t be super intelligent as girls find these types of guys quite showy and too much typecasted and as a result later they avoid meeting them again.

Make her feel comfortable with your body language, for this you can settle up and occupy physical space showing that you are not insecure about the ambience and the surroundings. 

Once she opens up to you it is very important to make her know that what your intent is behind talking to her. A girl always likes those guys who convey their feelings straight to them. It is a big step forward, hence should be guided by if and only if she is showing positive stimulus to your actions and giving you signs of equal pleasure of being with you.


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