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Things that you MUST know about our policies, scammers and fraud.

We highly recommend to read this dating policy carefully. It will be a great help for you in any situation. As you may understand, we have commercial relations with physical dating agencies in Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and other ex CIS countries of Eastern Europe. But they are only providers.

We make our best effort to fight fraud and scammers, but it can happens. We can truly know the girl exists, but we will never know her intentions. Be smart, and always pay attention. We do not have responsibilities if want to send money or other material things whatever they are to the girls, like Jewels, watches, or anything. Don't send her value material things, until you're sure enough. And it will happen after some dating time, or meeting her in person.

Our agency partner will refund your money after your contact support and we find some kind of fraud situation in your email exchange with some particular woman. It can happen. And although we cannot refund illusions, of course, your money is safe. You agree, in this case, we can read all the letters exchanged and you also agree, that no refund will be made if injury, degradation, racism, or any kind of respect was missing by your part, including but not exclusive, sexual offenses to the lady, asking her for nude pictures or anything like that. This can be the reason of the interruption of mail exchanging. You can ask her anything you want, but we warn you, most of the ladies, are looking for real true love, so, you won't be refunded in this case.

We also reserve the right to ban you from our website without any kind of refund or explanation.

Some sites at the Internet are related to scam. Visit them, you can find several ones with a simple Google, Yahoo or Msn search. Be warned that not everything posted at this sites is true. Some "men" gets angry when a lady refuses to be in touch, so the first thing to do is report her in that sites. Many of them has a control, others don't. In this matter, you also have to be smart, and take your own personal conclusions. You can also email us if you have any doubt. There are several ways to know the true.

If you buy a postal or email address, first of all we will ask the lady if she wants to give you her address. Try to understand her if she does not agree. Perhaps you may need more time. Your credit card will be refunded for the total amount you paid for the address if she does not agree. Why? Because some things has to be clear. The most of cases are students, workers and good persons. Some kind of suggestive photographs made at an studio session, may be misunderstood. They're trying to conquer a man, but they are no "bad girls". They certainly are a dream come true for any man in the world, but you can win or loose, like in the real life. By the way, many of them had bad experiences in her life. So, they do not want to fail. Be quiet, give tender, understanding, and like when you are fishing, patient. That's a good tip.

Try to think this way. If you were her, would you travel to the other side of the world, with no money, no return perhaps from a country that does not speak her language, to meet a man that in emails says he is a good person? Of course you have the answer. In this kind of sites, it seems to be that only men are the victims, and the girls the bad ones. Their thoughts are opposite to yours. But, with understanding things are possible. It's better not to ask her to come to you. You may visit her before. For your safe, and hers too. Don't send money for visas or airplane tickets. Warning! Use it to pay your flight, and decide what to do after that first meeting.

You can enter your information being sure it's safe with us. We use strong encryption and no data will be shared with anyone, or any other site, for any reason. You will have absolutely privacy.

We hope, dating in this site will be a nice experience for you! You can always be in touch with us.

Any other questions or scam reporting email us at:

Before doing anything, ask, we know what we are doing, and here to help you. Take no risks!


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