Some tips for our online customers and also for our visitors:

Please be warned of the following tips or considerations.

They are good practices to take while dating.

Read Carefully the following paragraphs and you will have a great dating experience.

When you sign up and register in our website, you are immediately part of a men database accessed from agencies in Russia and other ex USSR former countries (like Ukraine, Moldova or Belarus). This dating agencies have a big database of single Girls and women that are for real. Those agencies charge us a fee for every email read by you, and so, we charge you this fee.

Attention. You may receive lots of emails. You do not have the obligation of an answer to them. It's your choice, and we highly recommend that you search for the girl you want and write to her after reading her profile. Remember that answering, costs you a credit.

These girls, are real girls. Agencies must take care of that, because it is their work and we try always to check. But troubles always happen. And we broke relations with agencies that answers emails for the girls or make another type of scam.

This is very difficult to handle, and "Western agencies saying the opposite are lying to you". They have the same problem, but some agencies charges you a monthly fee, so you will never realize if the girl does not answer because she is not interested, or you will answer her scam and nothing will happen until she suddenly disappears. Our paying system is very smart. You do not have to "pay a dime" (or a fee) if you are not interested. You will only pay if you decide to write to the girl. Take advantage of that. Do a smart dating.

In a large database of girls and women, you can find more than one scam situation. We can see the girl. Give her a professional photo session, but, we won't ever know what is happening in the girls mind or what are their intentions. We are very concerned about that and take care as much as we can.

Those words does not mean that this is usual.

The percentages are very small (luckily), and we take care of every situation. But we want to say the true. Every problem has its solution.

Why we post this comment?

We do not want to lie to you, and in case you have troubles, please contact support. Tell us what happened and we will review the case instantly. We'll get in touch with agency and if needed with the girl herself, and after that investigation we will know what exactly happened.

In case of scams situations your credits will be restored to your account.

You can Feel safe with us.

Remember to predict a scam before it happens, use your common sense (is your best friend).

Do not send money to the girls the first weeks you know her. No matter what's happening. You're dating not making charity.

No money. Remember that. Always.

Support team will be glad to help you. You can contact support from your account. An answer will be delivered as soon as possible.

Thank you.