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Scam...What does it means?

We would like to recommend you to make scam checks, background checks and people search services, gifts delivery with recipient's identity check, available in Russia, Ukraine, FSU (Former Soviet Union) and ex-USSR countries. We hope and also know that it will be a great help for you.

Sometimes it happens so that we loose contact with people who are dear to us. You lost contact with your pen-pal after a long and promising correspondence? Have no idea how to reach your friend who moved to some other place? Your letters/calls get no response? You are worried about how your friend is doing? We will be really happy to help you find people all over Russia, Ukraine, FSU or ex-USSR countries and Nigeria. Search results may provide you with the person's current address, phone numbers, place of work, marital status, family members information and a current photo.

If you want to make sure that the person you are corresponding with is real, if the name, address, passport copy or photos this person sent to you are the real ones, if she/he has a criminal background - our scam and background checks service will help you to save your time and money. It's very confidential and will not hurt your pen-pal's feelings. We realize all the meaning of long distance relationships and we are ready to be your provider and to help you.

If you have never met your pen-pal personally and if this person is going to visit you and needs money for a visa, flight, medical operation, computer, "show cash" to the customs, to pay for translation services etc. - beware! This person or travel/translation agency can be a scam. And most often are men (yes you are reading men!) who may stand behind the image of a young beautiful girl you think you have been corresponding with. However, as practice shows, some real girls cannot resist the temptation of making money quickly by using their attractive looks using this dubious way, which leeds to deplorable consequences for all of us.

Free dating sites do not require users data verification or identity check, it's your risk, but they are free services, you may "get acquainted" with a scammer or criminal scam group, whereby the scammer would normally find you themselves. Normally such a "meeting" would lead to the wasting of time and money on your counterpart.


We believe that only joint efforts can help to separate legitimate services from fraudulent ones, and we invite all of you that deal with Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union



Let's give the chance to honest, sincere Russian women who search for their soul mates.



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